Monday, March 16, 2009


Do over.

I think I'm moving into a new (blog) place...please visit Let me know what you think.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Slowly, slowly.

So.  After neglecting this blog for almost a year, I think I'm ready to reboot. Apparently something had to go sometime last summer, and I've been guilt-ridden ever since.  I really had enjoyed blogging, cruising other knitting blogs, joining Ravelry (a spot I have squandered until recently)...then I just got busy-er.  Just like everyone else, I suppose. Yet, has waited silently and patiently until I found time and motivation to kick it all back into gear. I've neglected her, a faithful friend standing quietly by just waiting for me to come back...and I think I have.  
Have been knitting, though...a few stops and starts here and there (most recently some socks that I started from stash yarn of which I didn't have enough.  Nerts.)  I've decided to try some fingerless mittens from some Berroco Sox yarn I bought at Hill Country Weavers on my recent trip to Austin, TX.  Pictures and pattern details to follow, assuming I'm off and running after a few more inches on the first cuff.  

Slowly, slowly.  

Even though this might jinx it...good to be back.  Onward.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


It's Go Time.

Ok, ok, OKAY! School's out, summer's here, and I'm itchin' to get back to blogging...stay tuned. I told HG that Wednesday's my deadline...that's my plan. More to come.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Spring Break....*whew*

Next to snow days, teachers relish forced vacation days--aka Spring Break--as manna from heaven, the oasis in the desert, the proverbial rescue from the jaws of...well, you get the idea. I'm on Spring Break this week. My husband and my boys are not.

This means:

I miss them.
But I have the house to myself.
I miss them.
But I can watch any movie I want whenever I want. (By the way: Miss Potter just totally made my cry. Who knew?)
I miss them.
But I can sleep in while everyone trudges off to school so early in the morning.
I do miss them.
But I am happily very, very quiet all day.
I really do miss them.

So, one of the treats of the week is having the chance to update the blog for the 2 or 3 of you that read it every now and again. *s* Here goes...

In the interest of self-preservation and mere sanity, I have been continuing to knit in the midst of all that's going on:

Here's sleeve #2 of the CPH. It is brought to you courtesy of March Madness, during which I knit cables like a woman possessed. (By the way, I only dropped 3 teams from the Sweet 16, a causing my 18-year-old son--and fellow bracketeer--to tear his hair and rip his clothing. Moms aren't supposed to know jack about basketball playoffs. "Fie!" I say. It's a gift.)

I've also started this:

Knit Ruana from Oat Couture. I see it looks pretty fire-engine red in the photo, but it's a little more subdued in real life (at least that's what I'm telling myself.) The yarn is Alpaca Boucle from Plymouth. It's knitting up quickly and nicely, though I'm a little concerned about Boringus Garter Stitch-itis once the long stretches start in the middle. However, it will be perfect knitting during the outdoor track season, kicking off this weekend: mindless pattern and warm on the lap. After I'm done here, I'm hopping over to Ravelry to enter the new project. (I think I'm really going to love that site. I just need the time to play!)

A couple more updates:
First--for the archives. Since Feb. 12 post led off with snow in the backyard a while back, I also need to add the same shot taken a few weekends later, when the now-infamous "Blizzard of 2008" hit Columbus. We got 20" in about 24 hours, which is more than I've ever seen here (since I was an undergrad at OSU in 1981, anyway. Yes, I am that old.) So, here's that shot, with a couple more tossed in there.

This represents a shoveling festival we had that day just to get the car out. Oy.

And this picture, just because it's funny...this is how Izzie likes to rest(in hour-long intervals or so) by the fire.
See? It's just funny. And she really does do this. A lot.

While the cute cat pictures are out, here are the gals checking out the blowing leaves on the patio while I'm sitting here working.

Cat TV.

2 days down, 5 to go.
What to do, what to do?

Friday, February 29, 2008


I'm just a little nervous.

I'm a rule-follower. Not that I'm always proud of that, but it's the truth. Ask anyone who knows me. I have always been the one who avoids stepping out of bounds, the one who stays back and risks being caught...and sometimes, the one who doesn't have any fun (but that's another conversation.) Since I'm wired this way, I tend to work very hard to follow directions carefully so as not to rock the boat. (Yes, I know it defies the Bossygirl persona, but, in my defense, I'll say I've made great strides since turning 40). Because my heart tends to beat a little faster when I stray off the beaten path--leading to an adrenaline rush I find less than enjoyable--I trust the intrepid authors of knitting patterns, believing that, if I follow their carefully-designed formula, I will end up with a perfect garment.
(I know, I know. But I can dream, can't I?)

So here's what's making me feel the faintest hint of an oncoming knitting panic attack:

This is the first of two Central Park Hoodie sleeves:Right? I'm happy with the cables, which match the rest of the sweater so far, and I love the yarn (Highlander, from Alpaca With a Twist).

Here's an enhanced photo, showing you the actual length of my actual arm (to the wrist):OK, so yes, I have successfully knit sweaters with sleeves before. But you know how it rock along, following the directions carefully (see above), wondering how you're going to get the increases in before it gets too long, but wait! if I decrease faster then will I have enough room under the arm or will it be too choppy? it says that I should have 9 cables there but wow this is looking long let me look at the drawing oh crap it's alreadyalmost25inchesandI stillhaveaways togosoI'll just... finish it and see what happens...

I wonder how much cuff I can live with.

Lighten up, Frances...start the other one and at least make it match. It's knitting, for Pete's sake...

But, even on my puffy days, I don't think I look like this:

This may be a problem.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Updates, we have updates.

This update is brought to you courtesy of the latest weather pattern crossing the Ohio Valley: it may not look like much out the back door--just a couple of inches so far. However, what you can't see is the freezing rain / sleet (what IS the difference, really? I know, it's a science thing) that is falling like a polar mist over Columbus and vicinity. This translates into that rare thing we teachers and students look forward to with lumps in our throats and tears of joy in our eyes:

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!

It's a beautiful thing.

Because they are few and far between for us here in Central Ohio, I treasure and savor every one. It's a true day school work. (In fact, planning ahead by taking home school work at the first "Hark!" of those panic-inducing weatherpersons the day before ensures that you have, indeed, jinxed the whole deal). Today's "Get Out of School Free" card meant sleeping in, catching up on exercise, hanging out in sweats most of the day, not blow-drying my hair, no make-up, cooking real oatmeal for breakfast, cornbread to go with chili for lunch, a long call with my dad who lives far away, and (drum roll) updating this long-neglected blog.

First up: The New Kids.
Here they are in December, when we got them. From L-R, sisters Izzy Belle and Lucy Lou @ 6 weeks.
This is how the little girls spend much of their day while we are at school (we assume this because this is what they do on weekends after breakfast.) Presenting the Circle O'Cats.
Here's a shot of the darlings from this morning. You need to know that Lucy is a dear-heart, and Izzy is a little more bipolar, swinging from "Kitty Kitty Kitty" to "Spawn of the Devil" in a heartbeat. Love these little cats.
Part 2: Trial and Error. This is the great knitting book I got for Christmas. This is the bag I attempted to knit from hemp that I ordered in a beautiful cornflower blue. Here is the finished bag:

(Do not adjust your sets. There is no bag, as apparently I was too spastic to handle the lace pattern over more than 2 rows. This was not a pretty scene, not pretty at all. )

Finale: What IS working.

Here is my progress of the Central Park Hoodie since Christmas break. I am making this from Alpaca with a Twist "Highlander". Very soft and easy to work with. Purrrrrr.

Looks like I'll be using the waning hours of my free gift to cast on some sleeves.

Happygirlknitter. :-)

Sunday, February 03, 2008


This is what it comes down to... sitting here with my laptop in front of the...what am I watching?...oh yeah--the Super Bowl (number 80 million or something). A fan? Not so much. Yes, like many Americans, I watch not for the clash of the titans, but aye, the commercials. (I like the dancing lizards so far). And Tom Petty? Nothing against him, but wow. How many 20-somethings did they have to pay to rock out to the oldies down there on the field with their little fiberoptic lighters? (And how many 40-somethings are hacked that they couldn't get in?) Sorry, Tom...wouldn't be one of them. Geez, those guys look old.

So it's been awhile...again. Guess I never realized how much free time I used to have B.P. (Before Phoenix). No, it's not so much a time issue, but the energy I lack at the end of the day. Happily, I've been reserving some for knitting most evenings until I'm too tired to sit up straight and petrified I'll really make the mother of all mistakes. I've started the Central Park Hoodie from the Interweave Knits blog out of a forest green alpaca-blend tweed. I get a lot done during American Idol...not so much during last week's premiere of Lost (but hey, wasn't it awesome?)

The two new little kitties are getting bigger (and my camera needs new batteries, so no pics at the moment). Izzie and Lucy (nee Bucky the boy cat, we thought...oops) are so cute and full of cat-like hi-jinks. Big entertainment value for the buck. Hobbes has found his maternal side (?) and spends lots of time grooming and licking them--I thought maybe he was tenderizing them at the beginning--but now he really seems to relish the role of Super Cat. They lo-o-o-o-o-ve him, and spend most sleeping moments nestled up next to him, resting their heads on his belly like a big orange furry pillow.

Phoenix Middle School is an amazing experience, still. (Here's a shout out to any of my students who have found my blog. Told you I had one! If you're reading this Sunday night, be sure to bring your flash drives to class tomorrow. Got your paragraphs done? Hee hee.) In Global Cultures, we're deep into researching African countries. I have a webquest I'm working on, which is turning into an interesting task. It's a lot of fun to have the tools to work with now that I didn't have when I left the classroom for the library 9 years ago.

Back to knitting...I've been making some Yarn Harlot hats out of Noro yarn, have an Oat Couture ruana ready to start, and as mentioned, The Central Park Hoodie. I got some great new books for Christmas, including Bag Style. I tried and tried to make the hemp shopping bag using the pretty open lacework pattern, but muffed it up every time. After 4 tries and 4 frogging parties, I put it aside for another time...or another variation on the pattern. Apparently didn't have enough brain cells for that one. Too bad...the hemp yarn is pretty cool.

( with the stupid pandas? Really? But the Shaquille O'Neill as jockey commercial was worth a giggle.)

Apologies for the bare-bones post--no pictures or links. I'm just glad to get one up and running since the last one. Actually, you should check out my sister Jane's site:
Fun stuff from a wonderfully creative mind. :-) (Guess who got a big share of the creative DNA? Visit the site and you'll know how to answer that one.)


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